Jackson County DSST YMCA Registration Meeting

Jackson County DSST YMCA Registration Meeting

Date / Time
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Jackson YMCA
127 W Wesley St
Jackson, MI 49201

We’ve got great news!  Jessica L. is putting together a satellite DSST group in Jackson County, Michigan.  Jackson County and surrounding area residents with family members that have Down syndrome are welcome to become a member of the YMCA for FREE, as well as come meet your tribe.  This is an introductory meeting.  All ages are welcome.

The plan is to brainstorm on ideas for meetings as well as complete your free membership to the Jackson County YMCA.  The YMCA will also give you information that they have regarding your membership.  We are hoping to have meetings with guest speakers, swim meets and play dates.

Please RSVP to Jessica at jessica @ downsyndromesupportteam.org (no spaces).  Should you have any questions, please contact Jessica via email.

** It is very important to participate in Down Syndrome Support Team fundraising opportunities.  It is the only way we can continue doing fun things like this.